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Malcolm Simmons - Judicial Case Management Workshop

Maldives 2018
Presented by Judge Malcolm Simmons
What delegates have said about Malcolm Simmons:
“The most informative training I have ever attended” - High Court Judge, Serbia
“An excellent training” - Judge, Court of BiH, Bosnia & Herzegovina

This workshop is intended for judges, judicial assistants and court managers and will take a detailed look at the principles and techniques for Judicial Case Management.
The workshop will review the lessons learned from recent justice system reforms designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of judicial administration.
The workshop will also cover the scope of application and principles of judicial ethics. The workshops will cover: ·Understanding the purpose of Judicial Case Management; ·Active Judicial Case Management; ·Techniques for successful Judicial Case Management; ·Judicial Independence; ·Conducting a pre-trial review hearing and proactively monitor the progress of a case ·Making use of special measures for the vulnerable ·

What people are saying about Judge Malcolm Simmons?

What people are saying about Judge Malcolm Simmons?

“He is an exceptional and highly experienced lawyer.”
Circuit Judge, England & Wales
“A tenacious and formidable judge who prides himself on attention to detail, and is hard-working.”

Barrister, England & Wales
I recently attended a conference on criminal procedure presented by the eminent Judge Malcolm Simmons.

His presentation on judicial conduct was extremely revealing and covered some of the more salient features of judicial conduct and behaviour.

Judge Malcolm Simmons described ‘Judgecraft’ as the art of judging. It encompasses everything that you will not find in a book on law, evidence or procedure. Judgecraft is about how judges do their job and fair treatment and equality are at the heart of it.

A judge must free himself of prejudice and partiality and so conduct himself, in court and out of it, as to give no ground for doubting his ability and willingness to decide cases coming before him solely on their legal and factual m…